Seaberg Industries


Quality history

Our quality assurance department has been tied to everything we create since the beginning. We have the distinction of being a ISO 9001:2015 registered company. In 2002, we were the first small company and second company of any size in our area to achieve the QS-9000 international quality certification.

We have been a Certified Supplier to Case New Holland since 1986. Caterpillar also certified us in 1986. We were the first supplier to be certified to Caterpillar’s “7 Steps to Weld Excellence Program” in 2008 and have maintained certification since. Many of our other customers have certified us as well.

Quality as a service

We can provide “Quality as a service” – checking, but not producing parts. One example: A Midwest based manufacturer required a third party qualification of a new welding process. An engineer from the customer brought samples to be checked. Our staff developed coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programs based on the customer’s drawings. The welds of the assembly were checked and critical dimensions measured. The parts matched the drawings within tolerance and the process was approved.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Seaberg Industries Maintains Quality Certification

Seaberg Industries passed a recertification audit for the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Auditing firm DNV-GS reported no major findings or minor observations. The ISO 9001 is an international quality standard that requires knowledge and adherence to procedures and documentation.

The auditing was performed virtually with DNV-GS auditor Steve Vicars and Seaberg Quality Manager Dan Brasmer. Office employees were interviewed at their desks, and shop employees were interviewed using a tablet computer brought to the machines.

“This is something everyone here should be very proud of” said Tim Pratt, Seaberg General Manager. Pratt thanked all who were involved with the audit. “Awesome news” said Ian Frink, President.

Among the positive indications is a high on-time delivery rate to customers. Also, employees were praised for their knowledge of quality objectives and performances. Seaberg Industries was first small Quad City firm and the second company of any size to attain an internationally recognized quality certification in the area.

Seaberg Industries is a Division of Crawford Company. Crawford Company, founded in 1952, specializes in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, drain cleaning, electrical, laser cutting, specialty welded fabrication, brewing equipment, custom architectural products, and Monoxivent products and services. Crawford also has a location in Dubuque, IA. Crawford serves industrial, commercial, and residential markets.  

Quality Systems

Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) are devices that check the quality of our parts in 3 dimensions 

Brown & Sharpe Micro Excel 765 CMM

Our stationary CMM automates part checking by measuring critical dimensions unattended.

Travels 19.5" X 23.5" X 27.5"
PCDMIS Software 4.2 

Faro Arms (2)

These portable CMMs are on carts to check parts throughout our shop.

Operating Temp range:10 to 40 degrees Celsius; Temperature Cycle: 5 degrees Celsius every five minutes; Humidity: 95%, noncondensing; Calibration Lifecycle: Permanent; Protection: Provides protection to IP 64 standards; Acceleration: ( Permissable angular: greater than 105 rad/s2, Vibration maximum: 55 to 2000 Hz [IEC 68-2-27], Shock and impact: 6 ms [IEC 68-2-27] ); Power Supply: Universal worldwide voltage - 85-245VAC, 50/60 Hz; Certification: CE Compliant ( EN50081-1: 1991 Class B [ radiated and conducted ], EN50081-1: 1991 ( ESD, RI, EFT ); IEC 801-2 (1991), 8kV AC; IEC 801-3 (1984), 3 V/m; IEC 801-4 (1988), 0.5 kV Signal Lines, 1kV AC Power Line 

On-Line SPC Workstations (3) 


Registered -DNV, September 2009
(Certificate # 03297-2004-AQ-HOU-ANAB)

Caterpillar and CNH Certified Since 1986

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