Seaberg Industries

...Jim Merten retiring after over 35 years at Seaberg Industries!

Seaberg Industries honored long-time employee Jim Merten for his years of service during a reception December 30th. He started with the company in 1985 and has worked at Seaberg for 35 years as Controller. Among his responsibilities was accounting and employee fringe benefit administration. Fellow coworkers and past coworkers joined in the reception. Jim’s wife, children, and some grandchildren attended as well.

Jim worked hard to organize the finances and accounting systems for better clarity and flexibility. Ray Clark, Seaberg Industries Purchasing Manager, quoted Jim saying “Cash is King!”

“When I joined, there were 28 employees!” Jim remembered. “Everything was on paper!” Jim didn’t have a computer for accounting for a few months after he started.

Jim is a member of the quintumvirate that purchased Seaberg Industries from founder George Seaberg. The firm later became an employee owned trust until purchased by the Crawford Company.

Jim is an avid golfer and organized the Seaberg Golf Tournament.

Jim isn’t quite done yet: He’s under contract to be a resource for a while.