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TEAM Seaberg

Craig Kinzer

Tony Alvarado

Brian DeKeyzer

Ray Clark

Jim Merten

Dan Brasmer

Greg Zeller

Cindy Floyd
Craig Kinzer, ext 107
President - General Manager

Craig brings over 40 years of experience to Seaberg Industries, having worked in all aspects of our operation. He has daily involvement in sales, cost analysis, customer service, and information systems. He administers the EDI, ERP, and MRP requirements for the company.

Tony Alvarado, ext 109
Vice President/Engineering Manager

Tony oversees Requests For Quotation, job processing, engineering changes, and fixturing/tooling design. He worked as an engineer for a large steel fabricating and construction company before joining Seaberg in 1986. He also consults with customer engineering personnel on product manufacturability issues.

Brian DeKeyzer, ext 116
Production Manager

Brian has overall responsibility for daily production of customer needs. He has been with Seaberg since 1999. His credentials include Six Sigma Black Belt of Caterpillar University, graduate Cum Laude in Accounting, Associates in manufacturing, as well as a certified CNC Machinist through the US Department of Labor.

Ray Clark, ext 117
Purchasing & HR Administrator

Ray oversees Seaberg's purchasing and inventory for a Just-in-Time management system that helps meet customer needs. Ray has been at Seaberg since 1994 and brings an extensive sales and management background to help ensure quality product at a competitive price. He is American Welding Society qualified and assists with customer service and information systems.

Jim Merten, ext 105

Jim has nearly 30 years at Seaberg Industries. He is responsible for accounting and employee fringe benefit administration. Prior to joining Seaberg, he graduated from the 2-year Machinist Apprenticeship at Caterpillar, Inc.

Dan Brasmer, ext 103
Quality Manger

Dan oversees all aspects of our Quality System, including Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation, ISO requirements and documentation, Quality Lab operation and supervision. Dan is also the customer quality contact. Dan has been with the company over 25 years and is an integral part of our success.

Greg Zeller, ext 123

Greg has been in metal manufacturing since 1977, and joined TEAM Seaberg in 1987. He is a federally Certified Machinist. Greg becomes involved with customers when Seaberg receives an RFQ and talks with customer representatives whenever there are issues to discuss about a customer specification. He is also Head Coach for the Davenport Assumption High School Boys soccer team. The Assumption team won the Iowa state title in 2002 and 2003. Greg was named the Iowa Boys 1A State Coach of the Year on 2003.

Cindy Floyd, ext 101
Customer Service

Cindy is your total Customer Service contact for delivery and scheduling. She receives and processes customer Requests For Quotation (RFQs). Cindy has been employed at Seaberg for over 15 years, having spent four years prior in Customer Service work elsewhere. Cindy was also an internal auditor for Seaberg's QS9002 team. She is trained in Material Replenishment Collaboration (MRC), LeanCor, Freight Order Management (FOM) and Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) with Caterpillar, Inc.

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